Any registered legal entity, as well as non-registered group of volunteers can establish a record. Download the application form provided below, fill it out and send to the e-mail Applications are free of charge!

Are you ready to set/break a record?


We will review your application within 10 (ten) working days (Depending on the complexity of application, the review period may be extended). Once Georgian Records Federation has made a decision, the applicant will be notified by email, in which the status of decision (positive or negative) will be indicated.
If your application has been rejected (negative decision), we will notify you with the reason for our action and provide alternative record categories that you might like or might be interested in.
In case of positive decision, you will receive an unique code of your application as well as the rules, application forms and templates which must be printed out, filled and signed by the qualified witnesses and the applicant itself.
Within 15 (fifteen) working days of receiving the evidence, the Federation shall review the application: If the record attempt is considered as being successful, Federation will provide you an exclusive certificate recognising the Record and details of your record will be included in the database. If rejected, the applicant will be notified with the reason. Optionally, he/she can apply again and improve the result.