Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about records and the registration procedures:

What is the record?
The record is the highest achievement, which is measured quantitatively, has comparative criteria and can be improved
What are the record criterias?
Every record must be:
Measurable – it must be measured quantitatively, in specific units of measurement (numbers);
Breakable - must be open to being challenged;
Standardisable - The initial set of parameters and conditions must be available for all candidates;
Verifiable - Enough evidence must be available to approve the record;
Does the record holder receive a financial reward?
None of the record-certifying organizations pay record holders for their achievements, they only help individuals with special skills to discover their abilities and thus attract potential sponsors.
What does the Georgian Records Federation do for record holders?
– Registration of the record and awarding the title completely free;
– Solicitation with potential sponsors and supporters;
– Registration in the databases of foreign organizations and obtaining an international certificate;
– Raising awareness through local and international media;
– Enjoyment of benefits provided by the Federation and its partners / sponsors;
In which field I can set a record?
We register records in all fields (sports, culture, art, science etc.).
Shall I pay for setting the record?
It’s free to set a record with us. We won't charge you for approving your record. Financial support is required just in case the record-breaker asks for additional services from the federation (event planning/management, inviting adjudicators, arranging the team of organizers etc.).
How to become a record holder?
Please visit the following links to get information about the registration rules and fill the application form:
- For individuals;
- For teams/corporate;

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